Yossi Srour - President & CEO

Yossi Srour joined UltraSPECT in December of 2006. Yossi has over ten years of executive management experience in the medical device industry. He has held various top-level positions at a number of technology-based companies, including that of CEO, COO, VP Business Development and VP R&D. Prior to joining UltraSPECT, Yossi served as CEO of CADVision Medical Technologies, and led its successful sale to Siemens AG. Yossi Srour holds a B. Sc. Degree in Economics and Management from the Technion in Haifa and an MBA in Business Management from Bar-Ilan University in Tel-Aviv. Besides his broad experience in the medical device market, Yossi had served as Program Manager in charge of manufacturing the F-15 cockpit and as project manager for developing Unmanned Air Vehicle Ground Systems at Israel Aircraft Industry.