3-Minute Myocardial Perfusion SPECT

Breathtaking New Heights in Short-Scan-Time Cardiac Imaging
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cardiacImagine performing a gated stress SPECT study in just over 3 minutes...
Imagine completing a rest SPECT acquisition in less than 5 minutes...and
Imagine the images displayed at the contrast and resolution levels you have learned to expect!
All this is now possible thanks to UltraSPECT®'s exclusive Wide-Beam Reconstruction (WBRTM) technology! WBR technology resolves the well-known trade-off between sensitivity and resolution in Nuclear Imaging, enabling dramatically shorter scan times without compromising image quality. WBR, with its strong track record of half-time imaging proven in hundreds of installations worldwide, has now reached the zenith in Nuclear Imaging practice with the new Xpress3.Cardiac quarter-time image reconstruction package!

  • The benefits are simply breathtaking!
  • Amazing acquisition times of just over 3 minutes
  • Undiminished image quality and diagnostic certainty
  • Unmatched patient throughput and department productivity
  • Significantly improved patient tolerance and cooperation
  • Seamless product integration and automated operation

High-Quality, 3-Minute Nuclear Cardiac Imaging:
You Owe it to Your Practice...You Owe it to Your Patients...and to Yourself!


Why take 12 min when you can do it in 3...
And get Undiminished Image Quality and Diagnostic Certainty?

  • Image resolution equivalent to that of a conventional 12 minute acquisition
  • Undiminished diagnostic confidence
  • Reduced motion artifacts
  • No post-reconstruction filtering applied--no artificial image enhancement effects

Why take 12 min when you can do it in 3...
And get Unmatched Patient Throughput and Department Productivity?

  • Increased patient throughput, with some departments' productivity improved by over 100%
  • Superior cost-effectiveness of your current NM equipment
  • Simplified, automatic image processing for all patients--no need to set parameters or apply filters
  • The need for the occasional repeat scan virtually eliminated
Why take 12 min when you can do it in 3...
And get Significantly Improved Patient Tolerance and Cooperation?

  • Increased patient comfort
  • Reduced patient motion, increasing diagnostic confidence

Seamless Product Integration and Automated Operation

  • Readily connects to most major manufacturers' cameras and workstations network
  • Hardware based on a quad-core CPU with embedded software, installed within hours
  • Fully automatic operation, transparent to the departmental clinical work flow
  • Single automatic processing protocol for all patients
  • Robust and reliable, with virtually no "down" time