Clinical Work Flow

The hardware platform for the applications is based on a quad-core CPU with embedded software. This computer, called the UltraSPECT.gateTM, readily connects to most manufacturers' workstations network. Installation is simple and can be completed within a couple of days, providing virtually seamless product integration.

The hardware platform with the embedded software is totally transparent to the department workflow. Upon receiving the patient data parameters and the corresponding 2D projections, it utilizes the unique WBR algorithm, optimized for the specific application, to accurately calculate the 3D reconstructed image of the SPECT data (or to enhance the planar/ Whole-body data in bone imaging). The end result is a set of 3D (or 2D) images that are transferred to the NM workstation for further processing and/or review in accordance with the specific diagnostic protocols that are used in your clinic.

The process is robust and reliable, so that you need not experience any "down" time.