High-Resolution Scans

Case Study #1

cstudy1bonePatient Data
13-year-old male, with 5 days history of right hip pain and limping. No sign of injury. Tc-99m MDP Whole-body dynamic and static bone scan study indicated normal and equal perfusion and blood pool in both knees. No pathological uptakes were found 3 hours after injection. Tc-99m MDP SPECT scan was normal.

Courtesy of Carmel Medical Center, Haifa, Israel

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Case Study #2

cstudy2bonePatient Data
Tc-99m MDP SPECT study, using Hawkeye (GEMS), indicates degenerative change of left lateral cervical spine. Heterotopic calcification of anterior abdominal. Degenerative change of shoulders, left acetabulum of right knee, both ankles, 1st MTP joints.

Courtesy of NY Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center.

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Case Study #3

cstudy3bonePatient Data
48-year-old female with recent onset of hyperparathyroid symptom, and no medical or surgical history.

Courtesy of Mount Sinai Medical Center.

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Case Study #4

cstudy4bonePatient Data
51-year-old female with left leg/thigh pain. Malignant neoplasm-- colon adeno carcinoma. Tc-99m MDP SPECT study indicates minimally increased radiotracer localization in T4, possibly caused by degenerative changes.

Courtesy of Carmel Medical Center, Haifa, Israel.

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