Achieving Low Dose


The acceptable standard means different things to different people. As many of you know, I am a frequent flyer. What I expect to be standard is a balance of both safe practices – screening measures, seat belts – and comfort features – enough legroom, adequate food and beverages. A good value should also be standard, but that is not always the case.

In nuclear medicine in general, and radiopharmaceuticals in particular, unit price has typically been the accepted measure to evaluate the best deal. But that is no longer enough. The acceptable standard of radiopharmaceutical supply should also include a mix of safety, added features and value. We are seeing a trend of radiopharmaceutical suppliers seeking ways to bolster their offering and differentiate themselves by providing a higher standard.

And in many cases, this higher standard includes UltraSPECT.

A short list of value services includes:

  • The use of UltraSPECT to provide safer imaging using significantly lower injected dose
  • Secured supply continuity during shortages in Tc-99m
  • Use of LEU – low enriched uranium
  • Use of isotope tracking system
  • Provide CE credits Use of special syringes for less residual
  • Enhanced customer service

More and more customers are appreciating and realizing the significance of these added value services. And at the same time, suppliers are including one – and typically several – of the above value added services to remain competitive.

We at UltraSPECT have already started collaborating with several radiopharmaceutical suppliers and we look forward to working with more. The shift from just being a radio pharmaceutical suppler to now being low-dose providers should be the new and only standard for nuclear medicine.