For Technologists

Fast. Virtually automatic operation and greater throughput with the ability to keep the same workflow.

You are on the front line with patients every day. You know their fears, concerns and health limitations. You also have pressures from above to maintain, even increase, patient volume. It’s time that you have a solution designed for you. Once that allows you to provide safer and shorter scan to your patient while keeping the same image quality.

Key Benefits

  • Lower dose: Protect your patients, and yourself, by cutting exam dose in half or more. Simultaneously shorten the scan time and still produce image quality that is equivalent to or higher than full-time and dosescans. Moreover, clinical trials showed that UltraSPECT images were graded higher by readers and were able to provide better diagnostic quality, higher detection of wall motion abnormality and improved diagnostic certainty.
  • Shorter exam times: Complete a gated stress myocardial perfusion study in as little as 3minutes. Performing a rest SPECT acquisition in less than 5 minutes. Save time, and assure patients of greater comfort and peace of mind with shorter exams.
  • Same imaging protocols: No change is necessary. UltraSPECT enables you to use your existing workflow with the same cameras, acquisition station and workstation. The software is embedded in the workstation and seamless to you as the primary user.

Did you know?

Using UltraSPECT advanced software, patients can benefit from doses as low as 15-18 millisievert for Stress and 5-6 millisievert for rest. You can easily comply with the ASNC guidelines for low dose imaging.

Did you also know?

Radiogenic health effects (primarily cancer) have been demonstrated in humans through epidemiological studies only at doses exceeding 50–100 mSv delivered at high dose rates. Exposure to relatively low doses delivered over period of time (more than 50 mSv per year) increases the risks of health effects (less than 100 mSv).

What others are saying:

“There is a low dose movement occurring in nuclear medicine imaging, and Hamilton Cardiology Associates is proud to be on the leading edge of it, enabled by innovative and cost-effective software from UltraSPECT. For HCA, delivering the highest quality care to our patients is always the priority, and with or without industry mandates, we will provide lower dose and shorter exam times for all of our patients thanks to Xpress3.Cardiac™ from UltraSPECT, giving us a significant competitive advantage over other local imaging facilities and hospitals.”
Ruck Davids, technical director of nuclear cardiology, Hamilton Cardiology Associates..

"Wide Beam Reconstruction technology from UltraSPECT has been instrumental in our ability to maintain our high patient throughput throughout this technetium shortage. With our protocol of low-dose imaging, our business operations continue, and our patients are all imaged as planned and as needed. Few cardiovascular imaging facilities across the country can say the same."
James Reibsane, CNMT, Director of Diagnostic and Technical Services, Berks Cardiologists.

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