AIS and UltraSPECT Expand Nuclear Medicine Relationship

Companies Bring Low Dose and Half Time Nuclear Medicine Imaging with new to Hospitals Nationwide

Auburndale, Mass., September 8, 2014 –UltraSPECT, provider of the only multi-vendor and most cost-effective imaging solution for meeting the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (ASNC) low dose guidelines, announces today its expanded agreement with Absolute Imaging Solutions™ (AIS), Stokesdale, NC. AIS, who recently added the sale of cardiac SPECT cameras to its traditional offerings of nuclear medicine services and support, will now be partnering with UltraSPECT to provide, nationwide, the UltraSPECT Xpress3.Cardiac™ nuclear medicine (NM) image reconstruction software with its new Mediso line of medical imaging systems. Hospitals acquiring the joint ULtraSPECT and AIS solutions will now be able to provide both lower dose and reduced time exams to all of their patients.

“Our partnerships with UltraSPECT expands our portfolio of services and enables us to provide a significant differentiator to the hospitals and imaging centers we work with,” said Mark Shina, Founder and CEO of Absolute Imaging Solutions. “We have established a strong base in 27 states through our experience, outstanding service and high quality cardiac SPECT cameras, and now by adding the UltraSPECT Xpress3.Cardiac, we have everything a nuclear medicine imaging department needs to provide high quality, safe imaging for their patients.”

UltraSPECT and AIS have worked together for several years, during which time AIS provided the UltraSEPCT solutions as part of their service agreements. Now, with the recent FDA approval for the Mediso cardiac SPECT system, AIS will be providing UltraSPECT’s Xpress3.Cardiac™ solution directly with the cameras, providing an attractive offering for imaging departments looking meet the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (ASNC) low-dose guidelines. Xpress3.Cardiac uses UltraSPECT’s exclusive WBRTM (Wide-Beam Reconstruction) technology to deliver half-dose cardiac imaging with high image quality equivalent to full time imaging exams. Additionally, it can also minimize the radiation dose to the staff administering the exams as well.

“As more and more nuclear medicine imaging departments are looking to be compliant with the ASNC low dose guidelines, we are seeing at the same time more and more service providers like AIS seeking to expand their portfolios and differentiate themselves with low-dose offerings like those from UltraSPECT,” said Yossi Srour, president and CEO, UltraSPECT. “With our cost effective and vendor-neutral solutions, UltraSPECT is in a unique position to support the imaging community in their quest and help assure that every patient who needs a nuclear exam is receiving the lowest possible dose.”

For more information visit or call 1-888-WBR-SCAN (1-888-927-7226).

About UltraSPECT:
UltraSPECT Inc. is a leading provider of image reconstruction products, dedicated to enhancing the performance of existing nuclear medicine gamma cameras and PET scanners. Based on proprietary, innovative reconstruction algorithms, UltraSPECT’s Wide-Beam Reconstruction (WBR™) solutions shorten acquisition times, lower radiation dose and increases image resolution. Xpress.Cardiac™ enables rest/stress study acquisition with either half the radiopharmaceutical dose or half the scan time, compared to conventional acquisition techniques. Xpress3.Cardiac™ offers simultaneous reduced-dose and reduced-time imaging, supporting increased patient safety and comfort.

About Absolute Imaging Solutions™
Founded in 2001 by industry veteran Mark Shina, Absolute Imaging Solutions™ is the exclusive U.S. source for the Mediso AnyScan® S Single Head and Dual-Head SPECT camera and the Mediso Nucline CardioDesk. The company has a corps of experienced field service engineers who provide system sales, parts sales, service, and support for both new and reconditioned molecular imaging cameras including SPECT, CT, Cardiac PET, MRI, Ultrasound, and X-Ray. Services include relocation, installation, and de-installation. Absolute Imaging Solutions is an ISO-9001 registered company. For more information, visit or call 1.800.856.1671.

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